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Win new viewers and subscribers with a professional video look, we edit YouTube videos to give you the competitive edge and make your channel a success.

  • Give your videos a professional look
  • Impress viewers and gain new subscribers with professional edits
  • Save time and effort by outsourcing your video edits
  • We are a team of professional editors with 10+ years of experience!
  • Get a long term partner you can rely on
  • Outsource but keep your uniqe style¬†

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We focus on editing so you can focus on content!

Why should you outsource video editing?

Creating content for YouTube is challenging, you have to come up with ideas, plan, film and all while being the star of the show. The more tasks you take on, the more difficult it is to focus on what keeps your viewers interested in the first place, your content. By outsourcing professional video editors, you can rely on a partner that edits in your style, save time and wow your viewers with professional edits.

  • Engaging Brand videos
  • Quality Property videos
  • Enchanting Lifestyle area videos
  • Detailed Aerial videos
  • Homepage videos
  • Multiple revisions
  • Experienced and dedicated producers

Why Vivid Colour Films?

We work with all size YouTube channels!

Different channels have different needs and budgets, some channels produce one video per week while others produce a video every day. Visual effects and specialised editing also play a big role. We understand your needs and create a plan that focuses on your unique situation. From beginner YouTubers to seasoned channels with hundreds of thousands subscribers, we have a plan that fits your needs.

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