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What We Do

Welcome to our Website, Vivid Colour Films is a Video production company based in Paphos Cyprus. Our focus is to combine creativity and marketing science to produce videos that promote products, sell services and help you boost your brand. We offer high quality results for pre-productions, videography, editing and special effects for any type and size of business. But video production is not the final step of any marketing video, we also support your promotion and marketing efforts on social media to ensure your products get in front of the right audience.

Fast &Flexible

At VCF we understand the dynamic nature of business and always try to adapt to your needs. Our team is flexible and ready for changes as well as difficult schedules to deliver on time without sacrificing quality or creativity. Here, we don’t just work for you, but we work with you to help you achieve your goals.

High-quality Productions

While story is King, it is closely followed by Quality. Our passion for videography drives us to deliver only high end video productions regardless of size and budget, while our experience and high-end equipment deliver the best end result. Amazing Colours, Sharp Images, Professional Editing for all your Video projects.

Video &Marketing

Creating a marketing video is only the first step in a successful Video marketing campaign, once your video is on social media, YouTube or your website, you will need a solid Marketing strategy to ensure it is seen by the right audience. Our expertise and experience in Sales & Marketing is your key to success.

Why Vivid Colour Films?

A Trusted Partner

Passion, experience, and commitment drive results, and here at Vivid Colour Films, we are an embodiment of these values. Each arm of our operation works hard to ensure we don’t only satisfy your needs but exceed your expectations. Let us give you the treatment and quality you deserve through our dedicated services.


Quality shots require experience and talent. That’s why VCF is fitted with only Pros who are gifted and passionate about their craft. More than that, we have backed our operation with a high professional standard in attitude, services, support, and experience to ensure a high level outcome.

We know how

Every video is a story. You might not know it or see it, but a tale is being told in every quality shoot. Getting the right story to tell is our specialty. We bring meaning to the camera, images, playlist, light, and entire content, therefore, ensuring your viewers get the right message while remaining glued to the screen.


At Vivid Colour Films we aim for excellence services and productions, see what our clients think about us!

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

We needed a way to promote our Glass Bottom Boat tour that showed how much fun the excursion was, Vivid Colour films managed to convey exactly that for us.

Andros Kokkinos

Kingfisher Fishing Trips

Working with Roman for making the video of my Latin Street Party was a unique experience. Roman is a creative genius. He was able to capture the feeling and the atmosphere of that night and put it on the video!! He is a true professional!!

Christina Kambanella

Dance with me

I had a massive pleasure working with this amazing chap few days ago! Today I finally received exactly what I’ve expected.. Not just Fantastic pictures and promotion video clip for my small little business, but also his time, commitment and passion.. Those things are not easy to find nowadays. Recommend with full confidence!

Lukasz Orminski

Hair by Lukasz

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?

Each project is unique and requires different equipment, services and time to create. Before providing any pricing we evaluate your project and understand it thoroughly. We can also provide advise on what would fit in specific budgets and can scale productions to any size.

What happens after I hire VCF?

Our process is broken in to easy and manageable steps that will guide you all the way to a successful production:

Consultation Phase (Pre-agreement)
  • We meet to understand your desired outcome, inspect filming locations and other requirements
  • We prepare a creative idea which we finetune with you
  • We prepare a quote based on the agreed script and scope including a detailed breakdown of requirements and services
Project Phase
  • Set timelines and begin the pre-production processes
  • Capture the footage according to the planned scope
  • Editing and Client review process
Handover & Marketing Phase
  • All footage and final edit are handed to the client in USB Format, a private VIMEO link is also provided where the client can download the edited footage for another six months
  • We provide Social Media and Online Marketing advice on how to promote and market your production.
  • Optional Online Marketing package available to setup marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, Youtube and Instagram

Always up to date

Contact us today for a free consultation, we will give you feedback on your project with no strings attached.