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What is a narrative type Wedding video?

Wedding video’s have come a long way. I clearly recall being forced to watch my aunts wedding video numerous times because someone in the family had jught bought a VHS Camcorder and filmed the WHOLE wedding from 2 angles. While looking at the video today does instills a feeling of nostalgia. It is mostly due to seeing relatives and loved ones from all those years ago. Wedding videos have since changed significantly. As professional video equipment became more affordable, professional videographers and even amateur film makers have brought wedding videos to narrative film making. So what is a narrative type wedding video?

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To better understand Narrative type Wedding video, we need to understand the ingredients to narrative type filmmaking first. The basic meaning of “narrative” is a story or a string of events that are connected to each other and tell the whole tale. Stories or Narratives have some common elements. They usually have personalities, a plot, a setting, a theme and some form of conflict. These are all parts of a Narrative film and can also be used in a Wedding video. (you might want to leave the conflict out) So lets have a look at the parts:

  • Characters are your main ingridien. From the bride, the groom, the priest to the guest and band everyone is part of the story.
  • The Plot. Everything from the Wedding Preparation to the Wedding Party can be part of the Plot just choose your highlights correctly.
  • The Theme. This is basically the moral of the story, it can be anything from Love conquers all to finding true love.
  • The Setting. A Wedding can have multiple settings. From the hair salon where the bride gets her hair and makeup done to the limousine and wedding ceremony. Each location is a different setting.

Just like a movie or film, the parts are similar, you need a story and characters to create a touching narrative type wedding video. Combined with a cinematic look you can create a piece of cinema magic that will touch the hards of the viewers especially the wedding couple.

What is a narrative type Wedding video
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Creating a Wedding video can be challenging due to the diverse settings during the day. You could find yourself shooting in bright daylight and the next moment you are filming a sunset ceremony followed by a party in low light venue. To tackle these challenges you don’t only need the right equipment, you also need to know your gear well. Here is some of the basic equipment you will need for a narrative type wedding video.

  • A DSLR Camera with echangeable lenses
  • Lenses for wide and closeup shots
  • A Lens that can peform in relative low light
  • Batteries for the whole day
  • Media sotrage for the whole day
  • ND Filters for bright situations

While this is not a detailed list of items, it should give you an idea of what to expect during that day. If you are just starting out as a videographer or have never filmed a wedding before, be honest with the couple. No matter how little you charge for the wedding, it is their big day and they will hopefully not repeat it so no second chances to capture the footage again.

Be honest even if you offer a freebie.

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