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Virtual Reality content is here, 171 Million consumers have access to some form of Virtual Reality. With the invention of Google Cardboard and Facebook's Oculus Quest, VR has become affordable while constantly increasing quality making the experience more realistic than ever before.

  • Global Consumer Market of 171 Million users constantly growing
  • An immersive and unparalleled experience 
  • Less competition and more demand than traditional content
  • Applicable in multiple industries such as: Real Estate, Education, Automotive and more

VR Content Statistics in Business Today

Of Businesses

are already leveraging or planning to adopt VR


of Adoption Barriers

are a lack of VR content making it a big opportunity for new companies and creators



due to the global Covid 19 Pandemic


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We help you showcase your properties, tell your brand story, and reveal a lovely community through videos.

VividColourFilms helps you feature high-end videos that command the attention of your prospects and tell your story. With our years of experience in videography and marketing, plus dedicated support, we are here to give you the needed assistance to create and promote your real estate videos.

  • Engaging Brand videos
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What we do

180° 3D Virtual Reality Video

3D Virtual Reality offers a more immersive experience. Objects in the video feel realistic and within reach placing the viewer in the action. This can effectively be applied in many industries such as Real Estate and Training for professionals and staff. Virtual Reality is an upcoming media and early adaptors invest in an advantage over their competition.

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360 Degree Video

360° Video offers a fully immersive experience. Head Tracking allows viewers to experience a complete 360° experience giving them a full line of view in all directions.

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