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Creating a successful event requires organisation, preparation and marketing. Meanwhile an event video will not only share the excitement of the day with attendees, clients and your team. It will also provide you marketing material for your next event, your services and your product or company.

Video has a tangible Return of Investment. That is to say, It generates trust in your brand. Showcases your success and provides SEO benefits to your website or social media pages. Above all, It generates leads and interest in your next event.

The Event coverage material collected during events can later be re-used in shorter or different versions on social media. Also in other type of marketing campaigns. There for, video simply works when done right.

Planning your Event Videography

Planning a Video coverage for an event should start early. The video should be aimed and designed to your marketing strategy and desired outcome. For instance, be it a promotion, affiliation, engagement anything that is going to speak to your potential audience. We plan for your success.

Step 1

We understand your requirements!
We take the time to understand your event subject as well as the location, time and date of your event. This way we can determine the requirements and desired outcome to create and Event Video that will speak to your guest and marketing strategy.

Step 2

Plan around your schedule and deadlines, a well-planned Event Videography will not be in your way or cause you additional worries and stress. You choose the outcome and we produce it around your schedule stress-free.

Step 3

Cover the event without being a distraction
This is a very important part. If you want visitors to act natural and enjoy the event without the pressure of being on camera you need a video team that blends in with small professional cameras that will deliver high-quality images without scaring your guest. Thats the secret for an event video.

Step 4

Deliver the WOW factor
We deliver a video that will WOW your guest, clients and potential new customers that you can use on multiple platforms such as social media, your website and more.

Why Vivid Colour Films?

Our experienced event videographers team will capture crucial moments and unique details. Conduct camera interviews with your staff and attendees, and film your event with colleagues, customers and the rest of the world. Above all, we put particular emphasis on understanding your objectives and priorities. From the beginning of the project to the filming and editing, we will work closely with you to make sure the event video matches your needs and expectations.

We offer a complete end-to-end package. This includes planning and onsite checks. Shooting and editing of the event, and, if necessary, organizing online delivery.


We focus on producing high-quality work. Moreover, our staff is experienced. We use up-to-date technical equipment, and we have rigorous quality control and review processes. That way, ensure high standards as you only have one chance to capture your event.

Always Up To Date

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