I have been following the release of the Godox FV150 and ordered it as soon as it became available on amazon. I have now used the FV150 on a few sets and wanted to give you my feedback before you purchase this LED Video & High Speed Sync Flash light. This is my Godox FV150 Review.

The Good Points

  • Power Output: The FV150 packs quite a punch when it comes to continuous light output. I had an Aputure 300d on set along with the FV150 and the Godox has a significant amount of more light output. I am not sure how it would perform vs the 300d Mk2 but give the fact that its 1/2 the price I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Ease of use: The setup of the FV150 is super easy, since it has no control box you just plug it in and go. Moving it around on set is just as easy due to its very low weight.
  • Flexibility: The U-mount bracket is a real treat, we had to mount the lights close to a ceiling and the u-mount made it very easy.
  • Features: The integrated flash functionality came in handy, the main reason I got the hybrid light was to take shots on set for marketing and social media. This worked out well, I paired the lights with a Godox X2t and was able to get some good shots of the set using HSS to balance the background exposure with the models.

The Bad Points

  • Noise: This was by far my biggest problem with the light, when running on 100% for some time the fan kicked in to turbo mode and was very audible. Thankfully I didn’t need to use the light close to a microphone because that could have been an issue on a quiet set.
  • Remote Control: The remote control is slow and does not correspond to the settings on the unit. If you setup the light using the buttons and knobs on the back of the light, they will reset to the remotes current settings as soon as you press a button. Increasing or decreasing the light output from the remote takes too long.
  • Effects: The FV150 has 8 built in effects such as Flash, Storm, Tv and Broken Bulb, these effects are not very realistic compared to the 120d II. I would not use these on a professional set.

Should you buy this light?

If you are looking for a budget LED light with a very high and quality light output for videography but dont mind the fan noise then yes, this is definitely a good light for you. While it is a great light for a bigger set or sets where the microphone is not too close to the FV150 I would not use this in a small room or quiet space where I also record voice. Godox has just released the VL series with seperate power box which will probably be a better option for this type of use.

The Godox FV150 is a great quality light at less than half the price of the leading LED brands, you definitely get a lot of product for your money.

Looking to buy and FV150?

I am an Amazon affiliate, if you are looking to purchase a Godox FV150 you can do so via the link below. This has no additional cost for you but will give us a little commission to help us keep our reviews running. Thank you

Godox FV150


Build Quality








Noise Level



  • High Power Output
  • Low Weight
  • Ease of use
  • HSS Flash
  • Low Price


  • Fan Noise
  • Bad Effects
  • Slow & Unsynced Remote
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