The corona virus seems to be bringing the whole world to a grinding halt, and if you have a wedding booked in Cyprus you will definitely be worried of what is to come in the next few months. I am posting this article which I will be updating on a daily basis to give you an update on the situation in Cyprus and separate fact from fiction which is often hard to distinguish these days. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will post an answer or try to research the truth. Please note I will only post news and measures that will impact your wedding or events in Cyprus.

Current active measures

List of current active measures updated daily

Start Date
End Date
Travel Measures: The republic of Cyprus only allows entry to Cypriot citizens, Legal Residents, Turkish Cypriot Residents, EU Nationals who work in Cyprus, EU Students studying in Cyprus. Extended by an additional two weeks on the 30th of March
15th of March
13th of April
Effective (extended)
Indoor Gatherings of 75 People or more are prohibited, large fines will and potential court cases will be issued to people that break this rule. This is monitored by plain clothed police patrols and is strictly enforced.
15th of March
13th of April
14 Day Quarantine of People arriving in Cyprus at designated facilities
16th of March
Entry to Cyprus requires a recognised medical certificate clearing the traveller of Covid-19
16th of March
Government Decree closes Restaurants, Bar's, Cafe's and certain other types of businesses
16th of March
13th of April
Curfew suspending all non-essential travel in Cyprus
25th of March
13th of April

Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Cyprus

The numbers in this chart do not reflect the cases on the Turkish occupied side of Cyprus. Cases included are from the Republic of Cyprus as well as the British Bases in the Republic.

Daily New Cases

Latest Cyprus News on Covid-19

The latest from Various news sources in Cyprus (chronological order)

19 03 2020 – Covid-19 Measures cause – Source: drop in Polution –
21 03 2020 – Cyprus launches Online Platform for Cypriots in the UK – Source: covid19support
21 03 2020 – 1200 Quarantined in Cyprus – Source: Under Guard in Hotels
23 03 2020 – Cyprus Medical Board suggest complete lockdown – Source: Cyprus Medical Board Covid-19
24 03 2020 – Lockdown of non-essential travel Initiated – Source: Curfew Rules & Documents
27 03 2020 – 14 More positive cases in Cyprus – Source: In-Cyprus case update
30 03 2020 – Lockdown Measures have been tightened, the fine has been increased to 300 Euro. Police are now allowed to enter your home and check if you have people over.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will post the answers to the most frequently asked questions here, if you have a question please either post it in a comment below or email me at

Ask Questions

Once we get questions they will be researched and answered here

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